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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hello! Below are some questions asked by our employees. Below are questions often asked by users like yourself. Below are questions asked by recruiters and admins.

Learn more about making referrals: Watch our video.

Applying for Jobs

How do I apply?

Starting your application is easy!

Here are three quick steps to follow:
1. Find the job you want to apply for.

You may have already been directed straight to a job from a link sent by a friend. You can also search all job openings on the homepage.

2. Click "Apply for Job".

A window will pop up asking you to input your first name, last name, and email address. If you were referred, this will be denoted.

3. Start your application!

Fill in your full name and email address, and hit "Start Your Application". You"ll then be redirected into Hearst Television"s careers site to fill out the remainder of your information.

What are Job Alerts and how do I sign up for them?

Stay up to date with the latest Hearst Television jobs!

Social Sourcing sends Job Alerts emails to users who want to receive them. These alerts are sent according to your own selected frequency and include open jobs that you may be interested in depending upon the interests and locations you choose when signing up. Sign up to receive job alerts today. Here"s how:
1. Sign up at any time!

Not ready to apply, but want to hear about new Hearst Television jobs? Sign up for job alerts by hitting "Sign Up for Job Alerts" on the homepage or, from a mobile device, on any job detail page.

2. Fill in your information.

Submit your full name, email address, and the job locations/categories that best fit your career interests.

Sharing Jobs

How do I refer my friend?

Referring your friends is easy with Social Sourcing!

In fact, there"s two ways to share:
1. Share at any time!

When logged in, you can copy the URL in your browser and paste it in a message to your friend.

Additionally, any time you click a "Copy Link" button, it will generate a unique URL that will give you referral credit when you share it.

2. Share a specific job.

When logged in, click "Recommend Job to Friend" on the job"s detail page. From there you can share the job on LinkedIn or Twitter

Copy and paste your unique referral link into an email if you prefer not to use social networks.

(the available social networks may be different than pictured)

How can I track my referral?

Tracking your referrals:

1. After sharing your unique referral link, your friend/contact will enter the site as a referral from you.

2. Once your referral starts their application, you will receive an email notification making you aware of their activity.

3. Within this notification you will be presented with the option to share your insight regarding the candidate. This endorsement will go to Hearst Television"s Talent Acquisition Team.

4. Should you wish to follow-up further on the applicant"s status, you will need to reach out to the appropriate Hearst Television recruiter and/or hiring manager.

What does my social network post look like?

Social Network Posting:

What does my LinkedIn post look like?
What do my tweets look like on Twitter?

Can I upload my friend"s resume?

Uploading a Friend"s Resume:

You sure can! Each position on the Social Sourcing site has an "Upload Friend"s Resume" button. Clicking this will prompt a window to appear, requesting certain information about your friend. Fill that out, upload their resume, and submit.

Once you"ve done that, an application will be started on their behalf with you tagged as the referrer. They"ll receive an email allowing them to continue the process, while you"ll be able to endorse the candidate, providing more insight to recruiters.

What are the "Top Referrers"?

Social Sourcing Top Referrers:

How do I become a "Top Referrer"?

The simple answer is... recommend jobs!

Each Social Sourcing user is given a score based on their activity. Points are awarded for sharing links, generating clicks, and/or getting someone to apply.

To view your stats, check out your referral activity on the portal page.

What if I don"t want to be included in "Top Referrers"?

No worries, we understand.

Your privacy is important to us, and thus, any user can prevent their activity from being shown on the Social Sourcing site. To do so, access the "Privacy" section of your user settings.

By deselecting the option to publish, your information will no longer appear in the "Activity Feed" as well as the "Top Referrers" sections.

Applying for Jobs

Are employees able to apply?

Hearst Television employees cannot apply on the Social Sourcing site.

To view internally-posted positions, please click here

Can my friends receive Job Alerts?

Yes! Signing up for job alerts is quick and easy.

How can they sign up?

Your friends can simply click the "Sign Up for Job Alerts" button on the Social Sourcing homepage, or on any job page, and enter their information to start receiving alerts. Depending on the interests, locations, and frequency they select, we"ll start sending them emails with great jobs they might be interested in.

Will I still get credit if they apply later?

You sure will. Any link you share through the system is unique to your account. So, if your friend comes to the site as your referral and signs up for job alerts, they are still marked as your referral. If, months later, they apply from an alert they received and are hired - you"ll still get the credit!

Generating Referrals

Can I share with my networks, like regular employees?

Of course! Sharing is easy!

There are two ways to share:
1. Share at any time!

When logged in, you can copy the URL in your browser and paste it in a message to the potential candidate(s).

Additionally, any time you click a "Copy Link" button, it will generate a unique URL that will give you referral credit when you share it.

2. Share a specific job.

When logged in, click "Recommend Job" on the job"s detail page. From there you can share the position on LinkedIn or Twitter

Copy and paste your unique referral link into an email if you prefer not to use social networks.

(the available social networks may be different than pictured)

What does my social network post look like?

Sharing over social networks:

What does my LinkedIn post look like?
What do my tweets look like on Twitter?

What are the different campaigns and how can I use them?

All campaigns can be accessed from the "Promote Jobs" section at the top.
The campaign types are:

1. Automated Referral Marketing (ARM)

This type of campaign is only available to Social Sourcing administrators.

ARM campaigns are created with a schedule so that once they are set up, they will be sent out automatically without having to trigger the message each time. These messages can utilise the Social Sourcing job-targeting algorithm or, alternatively, can have no jobs at all.

To create a new ARM campaign, click "Create" from the Promote Jobs page or directly in the ARM section.

2. Referrals On-Demand

This campaign type allows you to proactively market certain positions to a population chosen by you. Select your audience, the jobs to highlight, and send a message out to start generating referrals.

To create a new Referrals On-Demand campaign, click "Create" from the Promote Jobs page or directly in the Referrals On-Demand section.

3. Send Jobs to Fans & Followers

Easily distribute jobs to your Twitter followers. You can pick individual positions to post, or set up an automated campaign that posts automatically based on a schedule you set.

To create a new Twitter campaign, click "Create" from the Promote Jobs page or directly in the Send Jobs to Fans & Followers section.

(the available social networks may be different than pictured)
4. Search and Message Your Talent Community

Take advantage of job seekers who have signed up for the Talent Community with a campaign that highlights jobs you would like them to apply to.

To create a new Talent Community campaign, click "Create" from the Promote Jobs page or directly in the Talent Community section.

Tracking & Analytics

Can I receive notifications about my jobs?

Sure! Star your jobs to receive notifications.

Starring Jobs:

Only need to see the jobs you"re responsible for? Star them!

By starring jobs, you"ll receive notifications when activity occurs on them. You can also filter directly to them when on the site.

Automatic Job Starring:

If you send a Recruiter Campaign from your account, the Social Sourcing system will automatically star the jobs you selected for that message. Therefore, you will be alerted immediately of any activity happening on those jobs.

How can I see all activity from Social Sourcing?

Check out everything happening on the site from the "Analytics" section at the top:


Get a high-level view of all activity occurring, and adjust the date range to fit your needs.

Here you can see metrics related to job shares, apply starts, job views, emails sent, population size, and social network presence.


View a log of all the messages sent through the Social Sourcing system.

Each sent message has its own set of metrics, detailing the open rates and click-through rates the email received. You can also preview any of the messages sent in the past.

Job Shares

Every time a job is shared through the system, it is tracked in the "Job Shares" section.

Here you can view the details around each recommendation and use filters on the left-hand side to refine your results. Search by name if you"d like to find an individual referrer. Once you have the results you want, you can download a report of the data to Excel.

Apply Starts

Every time an application is started through the system, it is tracked in the "Apply Starts" section.

Here you can view the details around each started application and use filters on the left-hand side to refine your results. Search by name if you"d like to find an individual referrer or candidate. Once you have the results you want, you can download a report of the data to Excel.

Social Sourcing Accounts

How can I create an account?

Set up your Social Sourcing account!

Signing up is quick and easy. Here"s how:
1. Click "Sign up" at any time.

Begin the registration process by clicking "Sign up" at the top right of any page.

(the available social networks may be different than pictured)
2. Fill in your information.

Sign up using one of your social networks or simply fill in the registration form with your full name and email address. Once you"ve defined your relationship to the company (employee, alumni, other), click "Sign up".

3. Register!

After successfully registering you will automatically be logged in, allowing you to utilise the full functionality of the Social Sourcing site. Enjoy!

Contact Us

You can reach out to HR with any questions you have about the Social Sourcing product.

Please note that Hearst Television's Recruitment Department sets all policies related to your Referral Program. If you are a current or former employee of Hearst Television, we suggest that you direct all policy-related questions to HR.

About Hearst Television

We are Hearst Television, a national multimedia company. We own and operate 30 local television stations and two local radio stations, serving 26 television markets across 39 states, reaching approximately 21 million US television households. Our mission is to be No. 1 in broadcasting, achieving that status with integrity, respect and community spirit.

That’s the bigger picture. But there’s another story here too. A story of an award-winning, diverse, stable, supportive employer, guided by strong principles and engaged, involved professionals who believe in what they do.


Television is a high profile medium, and most people will recognize the Hearst name. But, within Hearst, Hearst Television has a distinctive culture of our own and a track record to be proud of in our own right. Our success is built on how we support our people, support our communities and always place integrity at the center of every action we take.

Because Hearst Television is an established, stable organization with real history and heritage, we have values, a vision and a leadership style that are firmly embedded in our operations. There’s definitely an identifiable ‘Hearst Way’ of doing things: supporting your colleagues, acting with integrity, and always thinking about the bigger picture when making decisions.


Our Leadership Values set a code of standards for our employees in their relationships with colleagues, customers, audiences and the communities we serve. Our values include:

Set the highest standards of integrity, character, honesty and fairness. Articulate a clear vision of what is to be accomplished. Communicate effectively. Help others succeed. Respect and trust your colleagues. Value different skills, talent and ideas. Recognize good performances. Be customer focused. Be passionate and take pride in what you do. Have fun and WIN!


We recently conducted focus groups with employees from more than 50% of our stations – with the objective of better understanding our culture, our shared ways of working and the features of Hearst Television that people prized the most. The findings were genuinely fascinating. People who work here love the way that they have a voice and opportunities to express themselves. While we may be part of the wider Hearst Corporation, we still have a family feel and a collaborative, supportive environment. There’s a sense of community, and an appreciation of the stability that comes with life in a big organization. At the same time, everybody recognizes that we’re ambitious too. We’re established, but not set in our ways. Big, but never slow to move. Above all, it’s our integrity that counts the most. We’re renowned for bringing the news to our communities with sincerity and transparency. People trust us – and that makes our employees proud to work here.




The Fred Young Hearst Television Producer Fellowship

The Story is Yours


Our Career Areas

Every career with Hearst Television is like a story waiting to unfold. How it develops, where it takes you, the milestones you reach along the way - it's all up to you.

The opportunities at Hearst Television are wide-ranging, in career areas including:

Digital | News | Advertising Sales | Creative | Radio | Engineering & Production | Business Operations

Our Bigger Picture


At Hearst Television, supporting our communities is very important to us. We also extend that same high level of support to our employee community. We will reach out to individual stations in times of need. Like when employees from all over the country traveled to New Orleans to help our overwhelmed local station there cover Hurricane Katrina – and then help our New Orleans employees start putting their own lives back together.

As a broadcaster, the work we do plays a vital role in connecting communities and bringing people together. We take the time to really understand the communities we operate in, because we feel a sense of connection to those places. It’s this sense of commitment that led to two Hearst Television stations winning the NAB Service to America Award. In 2014, WCVB won this prestigious award for their coverage of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. In 2017, WMUR won for their recurring series of segments which have the goal of finding permanent adoptive homes for the more than 700 children in New Hampshire who live in out-of-home placement. We also strongly believe in supporting employees who engage in charity work and volunteer initiatives.

Our HTV Family

‘Hearst Family’ has come to mean something very important to our employees. It means that they’re a part of something special here - we’re an organization that treats people well, values relationships with communities and looks after its employees and their careers.

We like to think that everyone in our organization feels like part of an extended family, because of the values, beliefs and shared sense of purpose that bring us together. We’re all passionate about being a trusted news source for our communities. This attitude empowers every employee to achieve more, to make a difference and to see the impact of their endeavors. For us, that’s what being a good employer means. It’s a real commitment that we have to supporting one another. If you need help learning about an aspect of our industry, or how to advance in your career, the ‘Hearst Family’ – your management team and colleagues – will be there for you. At its core, Hearst Television is a family company. We’re family friendly, and our culture incorporates a family atmosphere.


We foster a culture of diversity, stability and support not only within our stations, but within our wider communities. We strive to open the broadcast industry to individuals from all backgrounds and perspectives by reaching out to emerging talent, and through supporting organizations like:

• The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation • The Emma L. Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media • The National Association of Black Journalists • The National Association of Hispanic Journalists • The Asian American Journalists Association • T. Howard Foundation

Benefits We offer

Hearst Television takes a personal interest in the long-term physical and financial health of its employees. That’s why we offer a range of employee benefits to make sure the ‘Hearst Family’ stays healthy and strong.

Health & Welfare

Hearst Television employees can choose between two health insurance plans, two dental plan options, and have access to additional benefits including a VSP vision plan, a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account, a Health Savings Account and an Employee Assistance Program.

Retirement & Income Protection

Hearst Television employees can participate in a 401(k) Savings Plan upon being hired. Employees can make both pre-tax and post-tax contributions, which are partially matched by Hearst Television, into a pre-assembled Retirement Fund. Employees are automatically enrolled into this plan, and Hearst Television also provides a contribution regardless of employee participation. Additional benefits include basic and supplemental Life Insurance, Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability.

Work/Life Programs

Other Hearst Television employee benefits include:

• Adoption and Surrogacy Expense Benefit • Auto and Home Group Insurance • Magazine Discounts • Paid Time Off • SoFi Student Loan Refinancing • WageWorks Commuter Benefit • Wellthy Family Care

Mobility & Station List

At Hearst Television, we pride ourselves on our commitment to employee mobility - and on our network of award-winning stations. Moving from one station to another is an opportunity that many of our employees are more than happy to pursue. Whether you're looking for your next career advancement opportunity, or you're just looking for the perfect environment to work in, you've got a wealth of career paths to explore with a truly diverse range of stations, locations and roles.


During our long history, we’ve been recognized with numerous awards for distinguished journalism and innovation. Each and every win represents a team effort by an outstanding team of individuals, all of whom are able to share in the feeling of pride and accomplishment that these awards inspire.

Walter Cronkite Awards (10)

Record 10 consecutive awards through 2018

Peabody Awards (7)

Since 2002, including WTAE-TV Pittsburgh (2015)

Alfred I. du Pont-Columbia Award

WBAL-TV Baltimore and lead investigative reporter Jayne Miller

National Murrow Awards (3)

KCRA-TV Sacramento for Overall Excellence, KCCI-TV Des Moines for Excellence in Writing and WDSU-TV New Orleans for Breaking News Coverage (2018)

Sigma Delta Chi Award

KCCI-TV Des Moines, Feature Reporting (2018)

National Headliner Awards (13)

Including 4 first place wins for 2018

National Gabriel Awards

WMUR-TV Manchester for Documentary, Local Release (2018)

Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards (28)

Including KCCI-TV Des Moines, KCRA-TV Sacramento, KMBC-TV/KCWE-TV Kansas City, KOAT-TV Albuquerque, WCVB-TV Boston, WDSU-TV New Orleans, WESH-TV Orlando, WGAL-TV Lancaster, WISN-TV Milwaukee, WLKY-TV Louisville, WMUR-TV Manchester, WTAE-TV Pittsburgh and WVTM-TV Birmingham (2018)

National Association of Broadcasters Award

WMUR-TV Manchester won a NAB Service to America Award for 'Home at Last' (2017)

What’s it like to work at Hearst Television?

A career at Hearst Television is full of opportunities. From your first day you'll be provided with the necessary training, support and development opportunities to excel and progress. Here you can be the bigger picture, and make a notable impact to the way things work. Growth is at the heart of our ethos, and we believe in keeping with the times. Evolving to meet new requirements and spotting opportunities to implement change. Now is your time to join a team that values every member, always thrives to achieve more and works together to get the best results.

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Hearst Television is an Equal Opportunity Employer with respect to females, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities. If you are an individual with a disability and need assistance in applying for a position, please contact us at HTV.careers@hearst.com.